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About Dordrecht

Dordrecht is a city located in the province of South Holland. It was granted city rights by William I, Count of Holland, in the year 1220, making it the oldest city in South Holland. Dordrecht is also a municipality which covers an entire island, called the Dordrecht Island. (Or, as the locals call it: Dordt.)

About us

Illustre Dordracum is a historical society which was founded in 2009. We are dedicated to researching the rich history and culture of the city and its inhabitants. Currently Illustre Dordracum publishes several historical and genealogical magazines (in Dutch).

In 2015 Illustre Dordracum opened the Documentation and Knowledge Center Augustijnenhof. The name is a reference to the Augustinian order who founded a monastery and a church here, somewhere in the 13th century. The Augustijnenhof can be found at the exact site of the former monastery.

Where once monks lived and prayed, today historians and genealogists are hard at work to unravel the past. A group of enthusiastic volunteers are happy to help those who want to know more about our beautiful city and its inhabitants. Furthermore, every month we organize workshops and lectures on a wide range of historical topics.

What we can do for you

Every now and then a foreign tourist with Dordtse roots finds his or her way into our research center. They want to know more about the places where their ancestors lived or about where they were buried. In most cases we are able to provide more information.

Are you planning a trip to Dordrecht? You do have ancestors who came from Dordrecht and do you want to know more about your family origins? You are welcome to come visit us in the Augustijnenhof.

It is really helpful if you come prepared. Please write down the names, birth dates and (if possible) the professions that your ancestors might have had. Do you have any pictures? We'd love to see them.

Where you can find us

You can find the Augustijnenhof in the historical city center. The address is Hof 15. We are located right across the Museum Hof van Nederland.


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Historisch Informatie Punt &
Documentatie- en Kenniscentrum

Hof 15
3311 XG Dordrecht

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